About Us

PLEASE NOTE: We are an industry only firm serving the news community (editors, local and national news outlets). We do not offer our services to the public. Please see an authorized AMD News outlet.

AMD News is one of the largest news and event coverage and broadcasting firms in the world. AMD News core firm has over 20 years of experience in the news and broadcasting distribution fields.

HISTORY: The core was firm started in 1998 with the development and implementation of some of the first digital media distribution networks in the US and throughout South America.

Since then, AMD News has been growing exponentially and continues to be an innovator in the news coverage and news delivery systems industry.

1998: AMD News  - 2010: AMD News - 2011 - Broadcasting and Wire Division - 2015:New Site Branding and Fiber Optic Divisions

 With over 1400 reporters around the globe, AMD News is currently the second largest freelance journalist pool in the world.

These are just some of the services AMD News provides:

Reporter Subcontracting - Creation of Content for Newsrooms and Publications - Satellite Trucks - Live News Broadcasting - News Production and Broadcasting Personnel - Fiber Op News Lines - Fiber Op Wire Services Installation and Implementation - WebCasting

AMD News Company Statement: AMD News strives to provide quality information and accurate up-to-date news content, and to deliver this content in a timely convenient manner to newsrooms, media outlets, publication editors and assignment coverage clients. AMD News and it's subsidiaries endeavor to provide the best journalists, authors, photographers and reporters to our media outlet clients. 

  With a global presence and sterling reputation, AMD News is here to stay. 


Reporter Subcontracting

With over 1400 reporters around the globe, AMD News is currently the second largest freelance journalist pool in the world.

AMD News and AMD Global Reporting (AMD News) continues to be a reliable source of live news, event, political, war and weather coverage, including original contact creation and delivery to a private worldwide network of newsrooms and publication editors worldwide. 


  American Media Distribution News and Media Event Coverage

AMD Reporting has a "world-wide web" of professional journalists and reporters located in virtually every city in the United States, and over 15 countries abroad. Our level of coverage is incomparable, and our firm the largest in the world providing this level of industry services. 

Our network of reporters gather first hand information directly from the field. Our journalists and reporters are ready to cover any news event, major music concert, sporting event, festival, restaurant openings celebrity event, political event, art gallery opening, or whatever the assignment parameters call for to get the story straight from the source. 

AMD  Reporting is a comprehensive news coverage network of reporters in the Americas, including the US (National Circuit), Canada and Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe (including saturated coverage of Central and Eastern Europe), Middle East, and Africa.

Supplying reliable journalist coverage, streaming and breaking news content is an ever growing need in the digital information world in which we live. AMD News continuously fills this ever growing need in a professional precise manner.


Content Creation and Newsroom Distribution 

AMD News News feeds large and small media outlets including  publication and other news sources with a vast variety of content. 

AMD News creates all of its original contact for AMD News delivery to our publisher and newsroom clients.

AMD News delivers a myriad of content types such as current events, breaking news, product quality reviews, event coverage and much more. AMD News also maintains the "AMD Wire Services", a world-wide RSS, Fiber Op and web interface content feed resource.


American Media Distribution Communications Network

Our streaming content department disseminates a wide variety of content and media to publications and newsrooms. Distribution to a global mobile audience via a variety of platforms and aggregators. This includes Full Text translations in simplified-PRC Chinese and traditional Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovenian, and Spanish.

High speed Fiber Optic delivery to your newsroom or your publication editor provides virtually instant access to the latest news broadcasts, both live and redistributed, and the world's largest original content libraries. 

AMD News networks offer more than 150 industry segments to provide highly targeted news delivery to relevant media outlets. AMD News also provides services for issue-specific news such as public policy, political issues and sports and music events as they happen. Demographic markets include Hispanic, African and Asian American.