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Participant Receives the following in exchange for the results form:

Part-1 (30) Sec Commercial Production

1.) Full Scripting: A professional TV commercial director will be scripting your TV commercial for your business. You can supply the script as you know your business better than we do, but we are here to create it from scratch if you wish

2.) Dynamic, moving text - We can stylize your message to add flare and motion to catch the eye. 

3.) Professional motion stills or full video: (if supplied by customer) - AMD will produce a motion still commercial of a previous print ad you have done in the past, or utilize pictures and motion text from our vast library of content to create a new commercial for you from scratch. You may supply us with a full motion video that can be incorporated as well. 

4.) Music: Quality stereo or Dolby 5.1 soundtrack for maximum impact. If you have a preference of genre we will be happy to accommodate. You can choose to have no music at all and just the voice-over message. 

5.) Video Proofing: a Windows-friendly video preview copy of your complete ad and 1 Broadcast version delivered to the network, station, or cable TV system for airing. You can make up to 4 changes.

*Does not include voiceover or ownership of the commercial. 


Level-1 (15 Sec)

Level-1 (15 Sec)

Level-2 (15 Sec)

Level-2 (30 Sec)